Outdated Domain Prices Posted Online

Outdated Domain Prices Posted Online

Outdated domain prices posted online. DN Agents explains the false live domain name prices posted on major market places. Sometime the domains are already sold and the domains are left posted for sale for decades using outdated prices. I find these all time and it’s frustrating. Most of the time I’m searching the big marketplaces to buy keyword domain names. I find a few posted with great buy it now prices, only to find out after much digging around that I already bought them a decade earlier. It happens so often. I think the marketplaces leave this old domains listed because they generate more traffic.

I wish they’d stop this practice because it wastes so much of my time digging around domains that are not even available to purchase. I’m always glad to find out I already bought them, but sometimes someone else bought them a decade ago, and when you submit your offer to buy, you get no response because the new buyer doesn’t have access to the control panel where the original seller posted the domain for sale. In fact, the new owner doesn’t even know the domain is still posted for sale and never received any of my offers to buy the domain name.

Domain Name List Prices

It’s common to see a domain name listed somewhere online with a sell price of $1500. And a buyer will assume this price is the price it will sell. So when the buyer places an offer at or a bit below $1500 they do not even get a response. This is because the domain’s price was listed many years ago and was never updated.

Domain Seller Low-Ball Offers

Other times it’s because the seller posted a starting price of $1500 to weed out low ball offers. If they get an offer for $1500, they know they have a serious buyer asking about their domain even though they may not be willing to sell the domain name for less than $10,000.


Outdated Domain Prices Posted Online

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