Keyword Domain Names Rocketing Up In Price

Keyword Domain Names Rocketing

Keyword domain names rocketing up in price and businesses are hungry for more. Not everyone can remember a brand name like “Beanica” or even remember what type of products it sells. A study shows the brand “Beanica” was thought of as a coffee brand or coffee roasting company. Vegans in the study think it’s a brand selling organic kidney beans or other lentils.

But really it’s launching as a cannabis seed company. Because cannabis is legalizing around the world and especially now in the USA and Canada, cannabis domain names are the hottest sector. Beanica is going after their keyword match domain names to create a large portfolio.

The Cannabis Keyword Domains Race Is Already On

The cannabis keyword domains race is already on. Businesses obtain a huge advantage over their competition by owning a large portfolio of keyword domain names in their business sector. First, they get direct type in traffic as well as organic search traffic. Secondly, they have a savvy investment in digital real estate that is going up in value. And thirdly and most importantly, they own their keyword domains before their competitors bought them.

There is a new race for keyword domain names, and to survive in the future as a business you need to get busy buying all the exact match keyword domain names for your business sector.

Keyword Domain Names Rocketing & In High Demand

Keyword domains are in high demand because they are more memorable than brandable domains. They also create a lot of traffic through organic search.

Companies are finding out they’re getting more traffic from their keyword domain names than from their brands official website. It’s also easier to sell a keyword domain name because it can have so many uses to so many end users.

Domain Name Industry Undervalued

Keywords domains are soaring in prices. Purchase exact match keyword domains now while they’re still undervalued. The entire domain name industry is undervalued.

Digital real estate has so much in common with commercial real estate. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Buy your best digital real estate location and invest in your future.




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