Domains Similar To Real Estate

Domains Similar To Real Estate

Domains similar to real estate. Buying and selling domains has so much in common with brick & mortar real estate. It’s all about .com’s because they’re the most important and oldest location on the internet. Domain name values have a lot in common with brick and mortar real estate. Commercial real estate allows the buyer a location for future profits. The best way to value a domain name is to find comparable sales. Unfortunately the wild west of domains has left the past decades without much data. This makes it even more difficult for someone to buy a domain names at a realistic valuation without the help from a Domain Name Agent.

Domain Names Valuation

Let’s compare an empty lot to a purchase of a domain name that’s undeveloped with no website. Take an empty lot in New York City 50 meters from a subway stop. This would be a great place to develop a hotel. So the value of the lot is very high because it offers the buyer a very likely location to earn considerable profits. Even after his time here on Earth, he can pass down this income earning location from generation to generation. The same goes for domain names.

Top Domain Real Estate

Imagine buying a great domain name like It’s not going to sell for the hand registered price. Prime domain real estate isn’t not going to sell $15,000 dollars either. It’s going to sell for many millions of dollars because it’s a great internet property with the potential to earn and generate income for many generations.

Crypto-Currency Domainer Millionaires

The most popular real-estate right now is any .com domain that has to do with crypto-currency. It’s a great time in history to be sitting on crypto-currency domains. BitCoin has already made some of my friends millionaires over night in 2017 and 2018 and I expect it will make some savvy domaineers millionaires overnight soon too. If anyone out there has any good crypto currency domains, please contact me immediately for a quick sale. You’ll get top dollar selling crypto-domains today.


Domains Similar To Real Estate

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