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How to Value a Domain Name

A domain name value can fluctuate over time, but the overall trend for decent dot com’s is up. Because of the pandemic and everyone working online, you’re going to see good domain names go way, way up. Web cams were in a global shortage when the Pandemic hit and now so many businesses need to do their meetings online. Everyone is working from home and housing prices are going up in the suburbs because everyone is leaving their tiny condo’s in the city. Workers don’t want to be stuck in a small condo working form home, they want a back yard and a house big enough for a dedicated office.

Domain name values are going up in 2021

There is a lag in domain name prices, they have not gone up like housing prices yet, so it’s a great time to buy that name for your company. It’s a big opportunity to get your digital real estate at a great price before the effects of all the money printing cause inflation in the years to come. There has never been a better time to buy a great domain name in the last decade because we think¬†domain name values are going up big time in 2021.

Own your own storefront to protect your business

Think about it, all those shop are closed down and they’re going to need a website to sell all their goods and services. You don’t want to trust facebook or amazon with your business. They can delete your account in an instant, and leave you unemployed and without an income.

You really need to own your own website and its content so it can’t be taken away from you. It’s absolutely crazy to give away your content on youtube. You should be building your business on your own domain name. Focus on creating and owning all your content. Next, you start building up your website so big that you won’t have to share your profits with anyone. Have control over your life and be successful.

How to value a domain name

Domain Name valuations are trickier compared to brick and mortar real estate. But it still all boils down to location, location, location. And in the domain name world, location ends in dot com. If you need help finding a domain name for your business, contact right away. We’ll help you negotiate the best deal and help you acquire the best domain name for your company.

The world’s population is growing and demand for domains is up

The world’s population is made of of many young people that grew up with technology. Their demand for domain names is rising rapidly. These tech savvy students are graduating college and starting online companies. They need good domain names and they are currently under valued. Seize the day and buy your domain name now before prices go up.

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