Choosing Profitable Domain Names

Choosing Profitable Domain Names

Choosing profitable domain names

Choosing profitable domain names is easier if you stick to what you know. Buy profitable domain names to sell by buying what you know. If you’re a car mechanic, you could try buying specific car keywords like,, and try to flip them.

Just avoid trademarked names. Right now anything to do with crypto-currencies are selling for very high prices. But if its an industry you don’t know much about, it could be harder to research the keywords that could be profitable.

Terms like, ¬†,, could be hard to come up with if you know nothing about cryto-currencies. So at the beginning try to buy domains in your field. You’re more likely to get a great price and earn more on your flip.

Flip Domains As A Business

Flip domains and turn buying and selling domain names into a business. You could make heaps of money choosing profitable domain names to flip. When a domain sells for millions of dollars, it’s millions of dollars of profit because a some point in history the domain name in question was hand registered for a small fee of approximately $20. It’s hard to find any other business with such huge potential for profits. And the domain industry is still in its infancy. We feels it’s still like the gold rush but today everyones could be getting into the domain rush. It’s still the wild west of domaining.

Flip Domains

Buying domain names to flip is profitable if you do it right. Like everything, there are risks, especially if you are unrealistic about the amount you can make. You need to know how to choose profitable domain names to turn a profit. It’s a great way to get rich like others already have.

Choosing Profitable Domain Names

Look for premium domains in a portfolio that is being liquidated at great prices. You’re more likely to get a better deal when someone needs to sell rather than some of the evil people out there sitting on some great domain asking ridiculous prices. You can’t churn a profit if you overpay for a domain.

So, what makes a domain name profitable?

Short names, easy to remember

Short, easy to remember domain names are popular. They are easy to promote to the market. People avoid investing money in names that are hard to remember or market. Keep your domain names short. Avoid using hyphens and numbers unless your business name is K9-pro. But, then again, you would also buy any versions without hyphens to protect your brand name.

Keyword rich domains, representing the business

Choosing profitable domain names with rich keywords. Keyword rich domain names contain the products and services of the business. A name like is likely to sell beauty products and tells you that Joe sells cars in Ohio.

Keyword rich domain names are easy to sell. So, when buying and selling domain names to flip, these sell themselves to the right buyers. You will not need a sales pitch to convince people to buy them.


Choosing Profitable Domain Names

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