Cannabis domain name values soaring

Cannabis domain name values soaring

Cannabis domain name values soaring. With Canada being the first western country to legalise pot, speculators wait for the US to do the same. As recently seen with the passing of the Farm Bill, hemp is a new hot market for domain names. Investors are buying domain names up big expecting to makes thousands from them when the US removes cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. This will not make it legal in the US, but it removes any federal jurisdiction.

Buying quality cannabis domain names

Buying a good domain name can make big bucks. Take that sold for more than $1 million 2004. And the new owners turned down offers of more than $2 million over coming years. They eventually sold it for $4.20 million in 2011. While this is a premium name and others are not likely to bring this sort of money, cannabis names are selling for thousands. And people are buying them up cheap to hold onto waiting for the value to inflate.

Matching domain names to keywords

Buying up the best domain names in the cannabis space, gives companies a head start selling their products. It is important to buy keyword rich names to rank on search engine such as Google. They give a business visibility, value, credibility, authority and authenticity. It helps give them an organic ranking. These keeps¬†Cannabis domain name values soaring because each lead is predicted to values between $300-500. It’s not current possible to get these leads through google advertising. This makes cannabis domains in demand and it’s getting harder to buy them as they are getting gobbled up quicker than marijuana cookies.

Cannabis domain name values soaring

And, it is just not those selling pot. But everyone in the cannabis space. From edibles, seed companies to testing labs building brands on cannabis domain names. Using these domain names are great for SEO and help to decrease your marketing spend.

Your website domain name is important as you cannot use Google advertising as pot is still illegal in the US. Cannabis businesses have to rely on organic results in search engines. It is impossible to buy keyword marketing from Google for anything to do with cannabis. So your domain name needs to describe the business to drive organic sales.

Making money from domain names

One smart entrepreneur, Drew Riegel, makes big money from domain names. He started his pot business without ever dealing in pot, hiring staff or keeping an inventory. His business is buying and selling domain names. Riegel spends his time watching the industry and how it changes. He buys the domain names others may want to buy sometime in the future. Riegel parks them offshore to minimise the risk of the government shutting down the sites as cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. He can have up to 1000 names in stock, and sells and leases them to companies and individuals. Prices range from $500 t $10,000 for his generic domain names.

Some names Riegel uses himself to create websites selling cannabis products. He receives a percentage of all the sales.

Removing cannabis from Schedule 1

Expectations building the government will remove cannabis from Schedule 1. If this happens, the industry will bloom. While it will not legalize pot on paper, state governments will be free to legislate it in each state. Much as they already do but there will be no federal jurisdiction.

Cannabis domain name values soaring predicting shipping cannabis in US mail legal

Currently American post offices do not allow cannabis delivery through the mail. There are heavy fines and even jail time if caught sending it through the mail. The introduction of the Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act into parliament last year could change that if it passes. Once cannabis is no longer on the restricted drug list it will no longer be illegal to send pot products through the mail. This will push up the value of pot domain names to many times their original value. With selling all things cannabis online, those who own these domain names will make a killing.


Cannabis domain name values soaring


Buying Cannabis Domains

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