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Brandable Domain Names

Brandable Domain Names, Build Your Brand

Brandable domain names, build your brand. DN Agents will help you buy the best brandable domain name in your budget. Brand names are words with no specific meaning. They are invented words transformed to represent products and businesses. The best brandable domain names sound like popular names; for example, k9pro for canine professionals. These names can represent the qualities important to a business such as strength, integrity, and courage.

Using a brandable name allows companies to build a branded identity around an original name. It also allows for business expansion without being limited by a name. If you own a brandable name it could be worth a lot of money, especially if you promote them for sale in the right place.

Buy only top level domains like .com and .net

Buy domain names with only a .com extension. These are suitable for all businesses and most customers assume a business has a .com. extension. Not anything else like .in or .ie. Most of the time international customers will not know what region you are in. You can also be clever and use the extension to keep your URL shorter. A company selling a fishing net could register Instead of buying

But, if you want to target sales in certain countries, then buy the matching extension such as for Australia and for India. Buy several different extensions and redirect them all to the .com extension. It’s often a better idea to pay a higher price today for the .com instead of the .net because the .com will be more likely to increase in value and five years from now you may not be able to afford the higher price. Prices could go down too, but if we could predict the future, we’d all be Trillionaires.

Valuing a domain name

You may want to buy an expired domain name, but not know what it’s worth. You need to learn to value and worth of a domain name before you pay big bucks for it. Because, if you get it wrong, it will cost a lot of money when you have to sell for less than it cost or, does not work for your business. This is why working a our DN Agents is a good business strategy.

Buy Domains With Back Links

The best way to value an expired domain name is to look at how many back links it has. Not only that, you have to look at the quality and relevancy of the back links to the domain name. Usually, the more back links a website has the better. Keep in mind, the relevance of the sites linking to the domain name is important too. You can check this using many of the online tools.

Buy Expired Domains

The most important thing to remember when buying expired domains, is to check the quality of all back links. Links embedded in the content are far more valuable than a link in a sidebar or footer. Just because someone bought a domain before you, doesn’t mean he know what he was doing. That’s probably why its expired. People often accidentally hand register a domains with its wrong spelling. So be sure to triple check the spelling of any domain your about to purchase.

Trading And Flipping Domain Names

These are five key things to consider when buying domain names to sell. Just like any business, there are risks when trading in domain names. While there is potential to make a lot of money, you can lose it if you make mistakes. But, as you gain experience, there is much to learn along the way.

When you find a name that meets the criteria of a profitable domain name, quickly buy it before someone else does.


Brandable Domain Names Delas


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