Become A Domain Broker

Become A Domain Broker

How to become a domain broker. You need to work hard and be willing to build connections and keep them. You can’t jump into this industry burning bridges, you won’t last. Domain owners know each other. It’s a small elite group that own the majority of domain names. Don’t burn your connections because word about your shady dealings will travel fast and you’ll be out of product (domain names) to sell as a broker.


You’ll Need Unlimited Energy

To be successful as a domain broker you’ll need to have a lot of energy. You need to have good communication skills and you need to get the best prices for both domain buyers and sellers. You need to communicate the value of a particular domain name to the buyer and you also need to explain tot he domain seller why his domain name is overpriced and sometimes even underpriced.

Convincingly Explain With Real Domain Knowledge

It’s the job of a domain broker to explain current domain name market conditions to close the deal. The best deals done are when both the buyer and seller are slightly unhappy. This makes for a perfect deal for both side. All it means is that the buyer didn’t buy the domain at a complete steal and the seller didn’t sell his domain way above market value. when both parties feel a bit uneasy as soon as the transaction is completed, it a perfect deal. A week later they will both realize what a great deal they both got.

How To Get Rich As A Domains Broker

Domain brokers get rich the same way by doing the daily grind. Relying to email, marketing themselves, building relationships, replying to emails and phone calls 24 hours a day. You can churn into a millionaire in less than five years of hard work. Once you’ve built up your contacts, you could broker some very large multi-million dollar deals, taking a 20% chunk as your commission. Another way to get rich as a domain broker is to sell your person domain portfolio to the right buyer. Either way, you’ll be connected to make money in one of the most profitable sectors today.


Become A Domain Broker

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